Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Setting and Achieving Goals

Well, if I want to claim to be authoring a blog, I would think one post per calendar year would be some sort of minimum.  A blog post on the last day of 2013 takes procrastination to the extreme.  In my defence, I have been busy this year restructuring my empire and accomplishing my goals, but that is a lame excuse.
I was in Nivelles earlier this year visiting the Commonwealth War Grave of one of my great uncles.   I did some serious contemplation of mortality, personal objectives, goal setting and procrastination.  I would hope that is exactly what most sane people would do when witnessing the pointlessness of these great historical fiascos. 
So what does this have to do with unconventional thinking?  Maybe it is apropos at this time of year when everyone is trotting out New Year’s Resolutions.  Empirical evidence says the vast majority of those resolutions are forgotten by February.  There are some people who resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, find a job, or start a project ;  every year!  They set goals but never get started on the actions to achieve them.

I would be interested in a real study that compares those individuals to the people who could be described as successful.  I’m confident there is a direct correlation between success and goal achieving.  That is almost an oxymoronic statement.  If less than 10% of the population can be considered successful as measured by health and wealth, then more than 90% of the population can be considered to have lives of failed, pointless mediocrity.  The only missing ingredient is the initiative of taking action on the resolution.

We tried a frontal assault today and lost a thousand men.  It didn’t work so let’s try it again tomorrow and see if it works then.  I think you can draw the analogy from Flanders to your business.  To be unconventional means to set the goals but then to immediately lay out a plan, take action on the plan and make adjustments to the plan based on results achieved.  Jim Rohn described this as “setting a better sail for tomorrow” to confidently arrive at your destination.  Tony Robbins put it in his list as 2 of the 12 steps to success.  Develop a Step-by-Step Plan and Follow Through with the Plan are steps 6 and 7.

If you want to make your resolutions truly meaningful tonight, don’t be like the crowd, be unconventional and actually do something about achieving your goals. 
And to follow my own advice, I have set a 2014 goal to write a post to this blog at least once per quarter.  I resolve to make them timely and useful as well.  In 2013 it seemed I had a lot to say but upon reflection of posting a blog about those thoughts, it made them look cranky and unproductive.  Railing about some of the changes going on in modern society doesn't provide help to anyone.